PFLAG Aiken is proud of its scholarship program, in existence since 2014.

The scholarship is awarded annually to students who have shown leadership-quality participation in organizations that support the LGBT community. Students do not have to themselves identify as LGBT; however they have to show active pro-LGBT accomplishments. The recipient must be accepted to higher education institution including technical college or a 4-year university program. The number of recipients will vary from year to year.

While the annual award is modest at present, we expect the scholarship awards to grow over time as the scholarship fund increases. We hope that there will be widespread support from the LGBT community of Aiken and the surrounding CSRA. Donations to the fund are tax deductible and may be made via check and mailed to PFLAG Aiken, PO Box 5951, Aiken, SC 29804.

If you would like to apply for the scholarship, please review eligibility requirements below, and download the application packet here.

PFLAG Aiken is pleased to be offering scholarships again for academic year 2017-2018.

While parental support of, or consent to, the submission of an application to the PFLAG Aiken Scholarships Program is desirable, it is not a requirement of the program. Special consideration may be given to students in need. The Scholarship Advisory Committee will award only one scholarship to each applicant.

In order to be eligible for these funds, you must meet the following requirements:

1. Be an Aiken County, South Carolina graduating high school senior entering an institution of higher education in fall 2017.

2. Identify as a gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender student or a straight ally who can demonstrate an interest in service to and/or support of the LGBT community.

3. Have applied to, and been accepted by a 4 year college or 1-2 year community college or vocational school for academic year 2017-2018.

You must provide the following documents:

1. Completed PFLAG Aiken Scholarship Application Form.

2. Unofficial copy of your High School transcript showing a minimum GPA of 2.75

3. One letter of recommendation from a teacher, counselor, pastor, employer or community leader. Letter must be from someone other than a relative.

4. An essay (no less than 500 words) discussing either your life as a LGBT student, or how you have been involved with and supported the LGBT community. In this essay you should discuss how you have demonstrated leadership, scholarship and support.

The completed application packet must be sent to the following address:

PFLAG Aiken Scholarship Program
Attn: Scholarship Program Administrator
PO Box 5951
Aiken, SC 29804

All candidates will be notified of the outcome of their applications in June 2017. Awards for successful candidates, payable to the institution, will be disbursed in August, 2017.