Dealing with issues of sexual orientation and gender identity, whether in relation to yourself or a loved one, can be very isolating. The need to discuss how you’re feeling, to ask questions, and to receive support may be very pressing. But who to trust?

PFLAG members are a diverse group but share one common trait – they are here to support you.

We have regular, local support meetings every 4th Thursday at 7 pm at the Aiken UU Church, 115 Gregg Avenue, Aiken, SC. 29801.

If you cannot wait until our next meeting for support, consider contacting the Aiken Helpline (211 locally or 877-648-9900 toll free) for 24/7 immediate crisis intervention, resources and local referrals.  If you are under 18 another great resource is The Trevor Project which also runs a 24/7 hotline (866-488-7386 toll free).

You may also contact us at or anytime but please be aware that volunteers monitor both and may not get back to you immediately.

Finally, peruse our member-submitted resources, below, for additional information.


All of us have heard a lot of myths about homosexuality and gender identity. Some of the following misstatements are things you may have heard or believed: “all gays are promiscuous,” “gays ‘recruit’ younger people and make them gay,” “gay men have weak fathers and strong mothers,” “lesbians hate men,” “gay parents damage their children,” “gays choose their sexual orientation,” “gays can become straight.” Research shows all these statements to be false.

We absorb these myths almost without knowing it, from television and movies, from conversations with friends, from sound bites on the news, from political debates, and from our places of worship.

PFLAG Aiken provides occasional special programs to educate the community at large about LGBT topics.


PFLAG advocates for LGBT equality through civil rights legislation and legal protections. You can learn more about the issues facing our families by visiting the PFLAG National page. It will give you some background information on these issues, why and how they impact our families, and what PFLAG is doing to address these policy issues.
Locally, PFLAG Aiken is currently working on making our presence in the community known so that we can start affecting change.