You may be a parent, family member, or friend of someone who is gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, transgender, or questioning. You may be an LGBTQ+ person in the process of coming out and dealing with family, workplace, or social issues related to your sexual identity. You may be an ally trying to figure out how you can help further human rights for LGBTQ+ people.

Whatever your position or wherever you are in your stage of discovery, PFLAG Aiken is here to support you in your journey with information, acceptance, and friendship.

Peer Support Meetings every 4th Thursday at 7pm at the Aiken Unitarian Universalist Church at 115 Gregg Avenue.‚Äč

Dealing with issues of sexual orientation and gender identity, whether in relation to yourself or a loved one, can be[...]
All of us have heard a lot of myths about homosexuality and gender identity. Some of the following misstatements are[...]
PFLAG advocates for LGBT equality through civil rights legislation and legal protections. You can learn more about the issues facing[...]

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